Rail Possessions Australia can provide a variety of rail safety services to your projects. With the safety of your employees a high concern, it is essential you provide adequate protection throughout a project. Without the inclusion of adequate railway safety measures, your employees may be at risk of injury, and in some cases death. Whether a minor or major project, RPA can assist you in ensuring your workspace is a safe environment. We also have a fleet of mine compliant vehicles, and can supply all the safety equipment required to keep your worksite safe for you and your employees.

We can arrange the following for your project:

Track Protection Officers Pilbara

RPA have been recognised as the number one tracking protection company in the Pilbara region. We now provide qualified staff to the Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Roy Hill and Fortescue railway networks, as well as the Australian Rail Track Corporation in the eastern states.

Our welath of knowledge in each system is second to none. We are the leading protection company for businesses such as Rio Tinto, Ansaldo, Flour Rail Service, Harbinger, Downer Rail and many more.

Out TPO’s come fully equipped with all the equipment that may be needed to perform their duties. Our vehicles are mine compliant, and a inspected by our clients quarterly. Examples of equipment that out TPO’s come with include, stop boards, detonators, radio’s, shorting cables and a remote area first aid kit.

Level Crossing Protection Pilbara

In conjunction with our sister company, Pilbara Traffic Management (PTM), we are the one stop shop for level crossings. Here at RPA we look after the rail component of projects, whilst PTM are focused on the road and traffic side of things. RPA has an MRWA accreditation, and years of experience in level crossings – including a loyal partnership between PTM and Rio Tinto (RTIO) in level crossing maintenance across the Pilbara network.

Furthermore, PTM has gone to the expense of having traffic control diagrams for each and every level crossing on the RTIO network.

Railway Fencing Pilbara

At RPA we provide safety fencing and barriers for work-sites on the rail line. The boundary created protects both the workers along the railway track and also prevents pedestrians from entering into the work zone avoiding any potential hazard.

Lookouts Pilbara

With RPA’s continual expansion, the need to improve and develop the level and quality of staff available is a core foundation. We have a proven training scheme, where our staff are trained in-house. Beginning from the lowest level, our staff are trained all the way through to M8 (RTIO network) through this scheme. Our number of experience lookouts is growing. We will continue to train and develop staff, as they strive to become the M8’s of tomorrow.